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If you are looking for android assignment help then your search ends here. TFTH has been providing android and engineering assignment help to engineering students for years now. Scores of college students flock to TFTH for their android programming assignments.

Get Android Assignment Help Today

Android is an operating system used in cellular devices. It is a framework that helps in efficient operation of certain software on the mobile phones. Over the past few years this operating system has developed massively with several versions like jellybean, honeycomb, gingerbread etc. coming up.

Now this particular operating system has gathered up a momentum and is taught as a full-fledged course to software engineering students. We at TFTH hire some of the best android programmers to assist you in your android assignment help. TFTH is dedicated to ensure that you get the best assistance in your android programming assignments. So without any further ado, sign up with us to get the best in the industry help!

We’ve Done Some of These Assignments under Android Assignments Help Service

We understand that mere words will not be convincing enough. So we urge you to check out some of the android programming assignments done by us for students.

  • Basic UI design, Form widgets, Text Fields, Layouts

The first step to understanding the Android programme is getting the layout right. How the user interacts with the operating system determines how well has the programme worked. TFTH has prepared android assignment help on developing a user friendly user interface which includes form widgets, text fields and layouts that make the OS usage a pleasant experience for the user.

  • Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters

An intent as the name suggests is basically an abstract message sent to the app component in the form of a programming language  such as ‘startActivity’ to launch an activity or ‘broadcastIntent’ to send it to any interested Broadcast Receiver components. Although there are several ways in which intents facilitate communication between components but there are three fundamental use cases, viz. starting an activity, starting a service, delivering a broadcast.

Normally there are two types of intents. Explicit and Implicit. An intent filter is a way of letting an app’s manifest know which type of intents the component wishes to receive. For example, when you specify an intent filter for a particular activity you enable other apps to also directly start your activity the specified intent. When you do not out in any intent filters, the app requires an express intent. Expression in an app's manifest file that specifies the type of intents that the component would like to receive.

  • Maps via intent and MapActivity, GPS, Location based Services

Programming maps in the Android using the intent and intent filters OS and MapActivity are also covered in the android assignment help. Location Based Service or LBS for short is a platform that provides general information on certain services depending on the given location or any nearby/known location which the map software of the phone supports. The location information (latitude and longitude coordinates) of mobile end user can be obtained through the mobile communication network or the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

Apart from these we also cover some complex topics in the android programming assignmentssuch as:

  • Application Structure, AndroidManifest.xml, uses-permission & uses-sdk, Activity/services/receiver declarations.
  • Resources &, Assets, strings.xml, Layouts & Draw able Resources, Activities and Activity lifecycle.
  • Editing emulator settings, Emulator shortcuts, Logcat usage, Introduction to DDMS, File explorer.

Why Do Students Trust us for Their Android Programming Assignments?

When looking for android homework help or android assignment help it is very important to be absolutely certain of the services and the service provider. Why should you chose TFTH? For the following reasons:

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Once you sign up with us for your android assignment help we assure you complete satisfaction. Which means that you can ask for any number of revisions till the time you are completely convinced with the assignment.

  • Affordability

Given the quality of our service, our charges are the best in the industry. We charge a nominal fee for our services which is affordable for the students looking to get android homework help.

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We swear by originality and ensure that our assignments are a 100% plagiarism free so that you get yourself an assignment unique to you alone.

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Our experts are qualified and certified in their fields and duly verified by TFTH before hiring them for their services.


How Can TFTH Help You Out With Your Android Assignment help?

For this you simply need to do these few things and leave the rest to us:

  • Provide us with your assignment topic and let us know in case there are any specifications that you need to mention in the assignment.
  • Pay in advance for the service
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