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What is an Expository Essay?

Of all the ways that studies change from high school to college, one of the most significant is the transformation in essays you are expected to submit. The days of merely jotting down points, starting with a Googled quote and ending with a slap-dash conclusion are now well and truly gone. Essay writing in college is a much more complex proposition and even more so, the expository essay.

It is common to come across the expository essay in college assignments but before you tackle this form of essay, try and know what a good expository essay really is. An expository essay, to put in the simplest words possible, is one in which you present a thesis or a point of view, and then support it with arguments in favour and sometimes, against. A good expository essay will illustrate, clarify, explain and justify your central point in different ways. The expository essay is a highly useful literary device to put forward your favoured perspective but ensure that an expository essay uses various figures of speech as not to make it come across as too strident or monotonous.

Types of Expository Essay where TFTH can help you

Before we delve deeper into the specifics of expository essay, it would be more instructive to understand how the expository essay differs from other types of essay. There are four major types of essay the discursive or expository, the persuasive or argumentative, the descriptive and narrative.

  • the closest that the expository essay comes to another type of essay is the discursive essay  since in both the writer presents a central thesis and then supports it with various points, illustrations with the use of rhetorical devices like compare and contrast, cause and effect and so on. But while the expository essay is usually streamlined and structured, the discursive essay can be more meandering, flowing from one point to another, in a more flexible, conversational tone.
  • The expository essay is different from the argumentative or the persuasive essay in that it is more illustrative while in the latter, you are taking a stronger side vis-a-vis your central point. In the persuasive and argumentative essay, more thorough research is involved since the aim is to win over the reader to your point of view. In the expository essay on the other hand, your purpose is to inform and elucidate your perspective and for that you can show both sides of the matter.
  • Finally, Expository essays are different from narrative types since the latter tells a story while expository essays are more concerned with exploration and discussion of ideas and issues.
  • Expository essays are different from descriptive essays since in the latter a setting, person, object or even memory is recounted in details to highlight a special meaning it may have while the former focus more on ideas or thoughts.

Outline of Expository Essay

Now that you have got a clear idea on what is an expository essay and how it differs from the other major types of essay, we could move to the business of how to write an expository essay. To do this, let us start with the expository essay outline.

Expository essay outline – the easiest way to get writing this type of essay would be by first making an expository essay outline. To do this, choose a pithy quote or something else that will make for striking opening, and then present your main idea. The major part of the essay will be made up of examples, illustrations and even arguments in support of your idea. You can end the outline by giving a sense of the importance of your central idea to society, country or humanity at large.

Expository essay structure – your expository essay structure will mainly depend upon the scope of your essay topic but the convention is to follow a 5-part format or a 3-part structure if the scope is highly limited. The essay begins with the introduction where you clearly state the central topic of your essay. The following three paragraphs are used to illustrate, expound and justify your main points. To do this, you can take recourse to a variety of rhetorical devices that enhance your persuasive skills or literary devices which make your language more attractive. The last paragraph will conclude the expository essay with a summary of your main points as well as a balanced take on the importance of the idea of issue that you have explored in the essay.

Expository essay layout – putting on paper the broad strokes of an expository essay layout will help you to conceptualize your essay better. You will realize if you need to add more points for illustration or justification. Additionally an Expository essay layout will guide you on the flow and rhythm of how the essay reads to see if you need to make any changes to make it sound more appealing.

How TFTH can help in Writing an Expository Essay

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Expository Essay examples and topics

Expository essays are one of the most common essay types to be given in college assignments. Depending on your college major, you can expect to write expository essays of varying lengths and complexity. In fact the expository essay may also be of different types.

One of these is the Opinion expository essay where you present your opinion on trending topics or significant matters. So a few such topics could be “The best ideas for a family vacation” or ‘Outdoor Leisure Activities for young people’

The second kind of expository essay is more on argumentative lines where you present justification both for and against a central thesis. Some such topics could be "How social media is causing more harm than good" or ‘Why School uniform is a better option for students than individual dressing choice’.

Finally you have the solution-based expository essay in which you discuss certain problems or crucial issues of the day and then go on to offer what solutions you think are best. Among such expository essay topics, you could write on “Ways to combat rising obesity in young people”, “Safe internet practice is the need of the hour” or “How to ensure stress-free campus life for college students”.

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